Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rare Genomics Institute - giving free genomic solutions to people affected by rare diseases

An estimated 250 million people worldwide suffer from rare diseases. However, because each individual disease affects such a small number of people, little funding is used to study these conditions. Consequently, these patients are left with neither hope of a cure nor understanding of the disease. Each day is a living struggle for them to find a social identity in a world where they feel socially neglected and lost. Because most rare diseases are genetic in nature, it is believed that genome sequencing has the power to help these patients in a way that conventional diagnostics cannot. However, most families affected with rare diseases are under financial strain, making access to such technologies difficult. To address this need, an institute called Rare Genomics Institute has been established.
Rare genomics Institute (RGI) is a non-profit organization that gives families afflicted by rare genetic disorders access to genome sequencing and expert analysis.It act as a hub to help families raise funds and connect them to scientists who can help them. RGI has recruited a number of researchers and clinicians from top research institutions around the world. Through RGI, patients can gain access to world-class genomic sequencing and interpretation services at a much lower cost compared to commercially-equivalent solutions. RGI also provide a fundraising platform to help patients raise funds. Visit RARE GENOMICS INSTITUTE website
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