Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cancer Moonshot initiative on Cancer Genomics

You are aware that cancer is the second most deadly disease killing  thousands of people daily. As  cancer is a complex disease application of high throughput genomics methods opens up new avenues for understanding and treating the disease.  Cancer genomics programme is   moving to the next level because of the initiatives made by Cancer Moonshot Programme (Click here to read more about Cancer Moon Shot Programme). As part of the US-Cancer Moonshot and the US-President’s Precision Medicine Initiative, Foundation Medicine is more than doubling the total number of patients represented within the NCI's Genomic Data Commons (GDC), bringing its total to over 32,000 patients accumulated in just over a month.  At its launch in early June, the GDC already shared more than five petabytes of raw unprocessed genomic data from large research projects on nearly thirty tumor types from more than 14,000 patients, along with associated clinical data (e.g. clinical diagnosis, treatment history, survival data), creating a foundational system for broad sharing and analysis of cancer genomic data, which is critical for advancing the field of precision medicine and improving the care of cancer patients.