Thursday, May 24, 2012

Global Research Council (GRC) formed to coordinate scientific collaborations

The Global Research Council (GRC) (a voluntary organization), has been formed recently  to share best practice and encourage common principles for research collaborations in  different countries. Leaders of about 50 national research-funding agencies met at the headquarters of the US National Science Foundation (NSF) in Arlington, Virginia, to discuss the GRC’s agenda: issues such as peer review, data sharing, research integrity, open access, career development and ethical conduct in research on humans.  The GRC’s first meeting produced a set of short, uncontroversial statements
on common principles for peer review to assess the merit of proposed scientific projects. The principles include transparency, integrity, impartiality and confidentiality, but are not legally binding, serving only as common aspirations. In the next  GRC meeting  (in  Berlin in 2013) will discuss research integrity and open access to scientific data and published research. Please visit to  know more
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